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The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 (2011), Göran Hugo Olsson

You heard it right folks, the FBI considered free breakfasts for poor children to be the most dangerous internal threat to the country. Literally the kind of thing Jesus would do was the most dangerous threat to the country.

It’s not surprising, considering Hoover was a vile racist piece of shit who lost sleep at night thinking about poor people not being miserable or dead.



9-year-old boy was executed in Chicago: Where is the outrage?
August 25, 2014

Antonio Smith, 9 years old, was assassinated the other day.

He was Chicago’s youngest fatal shooting victim this year. He was shot at least four times and fell in a backyard on the South Side.

And when I went out there on 71st and Woodlawn less than 24 hours after he was murdered, here’s what I didn’t see:

I didn’t see protesters waving their hands in the air for network TV cameras. I didn’t see the Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson playing their usual roles in the political race card game.

I didn’t see white college anarchists hiding behind their white plastic Guy Fawkes masks talking about being oppressed by the state. I didn’t see politicians equivocating. But the worst thing I didn’t see was this:

I didn’t see the theatrical outrage that you see in Ferguson, Mo. A white cop in Ferguson — a place most people never heard of just two weeks ago — shoots a black teenager and the nation knows what to do. The actors scream out their roles on cue.

But in Chicago, a black child is assassinated, and Attorney General Eric Holder isn’t on his way here. There are no hashtag campaigns saying #saveourboys. And instead of loud anger, there is numb silence.

"It’s only the second day. I don’t know what will happen," said Helen Cross, 82, a neighbor who lives down the street from the shooting. She’s lived in the neighborhood for 49 years.

"Everybody says it’s a shame," she said. "It was terrible. But nobody’s … nobody is …"

Her voice trailed off.


She nodded.

"A lot of people don’t want to be involved until it happens to their family," said her son, Lewis Cross. "And that’s the shame."

The screamers and the race hustlers buzzing in Ferguson like flies have it easy: White cop/black victim is a script that sells, and the TV cameras come running.

But in Chicago, young African-American and Latino men and boys and girls are shot down far too regularly, by neighbors, meaning other black and Latinos.

Venting outrage at police is easier, and it’s politically advantageous. Venting at neighbors is a bit more complicated and dangerous. The neighbors will still be there on the block long after the columnists and the TV cameras leave. People are afraid. They don’t want their children to pay for anything they might say.

"This city is crazy," said neighbor Arnold Caffey, a mechanic from Detroit. "I mean, Detroit is better than this."

We were sitting on his porch out of the rain.

"A baby has been assassinated, and where’s the anger?" he asked. "When that child was shot, some people out there were still drinking, I’m saying a baby has been assassinated, they’re like, well, they don’t care."

What if the shooter had been police officer — a white police officer?

"You know what would happen, the whole Ferguson thing," Caffey said. "But it’s not."

The Rev. Michael Pfleger, pastor at St. Sabina Roman Catholic Church, has consistently condemned the violence in Chicago. He doesn’t flit in or out of town. He’s always here and was scheduled to lead a neighborhood prayer vigil Thursday evening.

"This 9-year-old boy — in my mind — when you get multiple shots for a 9-year-old boy in a back alley, that’s an execution," he said in a telephone interview before the event. "That’s not a drive-by, that’s not an accident. That sounds like an execution."

He’s been outspoken about Ferguson, but he knows that moral outrage is undercut if there’s silence over the assassination of a child.

"We cannot simply be outraged about something that happens someplace else and get immune to what happens at home," he said. "This is pure evil.

"We have to be absolutely outraged. And we have to say, ‘We’re going to find out who you are, and we’re going to turn you in because you’re not going to get by with this. You can’t kill a 9-year-old kid and go home and eat McDonald’s and watch TV.’"

Antonio Smith was shot in a backyard that borders a railroad viaduct on 71st Street. To the east, the gang that runs things is called Sircon City. To the west, a group called Pocket Town runs the show. Police say he was not a gang member.

Cynthia Smith-Thigpen, a retired Chicago Public Schools teacher, talked about the lack of public outrage.

"There’s shamelessness to the silence over this boy’s death," she said. "It’s like, ‘Oh, another child dead in Chicago.’ Perhaps we’re all numb to what goes on in this city."

Out there was a concrete pad where a garage once stood, and thick grass in the yard and bushes around the edges. And there was the rain and the silence in Pocket Town.

I stood off to the side and pictured Antonio in my mind. Was he running? Were his hands raised the way activists said Michael Brown’s hands were raised in Ferguson?

Antonio was a baby. He didn’t allegedly steal cigars or threaten a shopkeeper or punch a cop. He was 9 years old. He was targeted. He was murdered.

"People need to be angry, but this isn’t TV, and some people really don’t care," said neighbor Tony Miller, who has a son about Antonio’s age. "And people who don’t live here don’t want to know, but people get killed all the time."


Antonio’s funeral is scheduled for this Saturday morning. If anyone has any information about any rallies, organizing meetings or any support funds for his family, please feel free to message us. 

This article makes some good points, but I don’t like when people use these kinds of tragedies to detract from what the Ferguson protesters are doing by making these comparisons. Especially since there isn’t really a comparison between a gang murder (which many people probably feel they can’t control) and a murder committed by police (we pay their salaries, they are supposed to protect us, we can supposedly change the policies they follow). I think that people understand that gang violence and other forms of violence in Black communities are horrible things but don’t really know what to do about them. There are a lot of organizations in Chicago that have focused on curbing the violence, but even a lot of them don’t really know what to do other than mourn the losses because it’s such a tough issue to tackle, especially since the Chicago city government has very clearly latched onto increased policing as the solution and isn’t exploring other, better options like community revitalization, increasing employment, working with gangs to build communities, actually working with organizations like Chicago Cure Violence (CeaseFire) that focus on street level conflict-mediation, etc. I wish the author of this article (a White man, which I take issue with but that’s neither here nor there) would focus more on solutions rather than using this child’s murder to bash the Ferguson protesters as “screamers” and “race hustlers” with “theatrical outrage”.

I’m glad that he highlighted Rev. Michael Pfleger’s comments and the actions of St. Sabina but I really wish he had left the Ferguson bashing out of it.

R.I.P. Antonio Smith

Anonymous said:
Thank you, Miss Ten. I'm a chubby girl, and my family constantly tries to pressure me into losing weight, saying that they're just "worried about my health". I recently got a full check-up and all my test results came back within normal range, with no problems at all. They still didn't believe a fat girl could be healthy. It's about them thinking thin=healthy, and that their own child's doctor is *wrong* to say otherwise. Thank you for calling out this bullshit.

you could win gold in olympic sports, be totted around by doctors as ‘the healthiest person who has ever lived,’ your blood could heal all diseases known to man, and your family will say ‘you should lose some weight… for your health,’ because they don’t want to admit that when they see someone chubby or fat, it’s not about ‘health’ it never was, it’s about what society labels someones whose chubby or fat, and thats what they want you to lose, those bullshit stereotypes, but you never gained that in the first place, your family placed that on you, and its bullshit. You and your chub are important and awesome. 


Surplus Princess episode 2’s greatest moment so far

This is one of the best dramas I’ve ever watched so far 

im-still-theoptimist said: You don’t know what your stance on this means to fat girls like me. Thank you, Ten.

of course, the dieting industry, and this whole… ‘thin = healthy’ bullshit has never, and will never be about health, it’s just telling people, women mostly, that they aren’t of any worth till they are conventionally attractive, and its bullshit. This isn’t about health, it’s about making people feel like they will never be good enough. That they can’t start their lives till they are thin, that they cannot be happy till they are thin, but you can look at any pro-ana or fitness blog and they are not about happiness or acceptance, it’s about ‘I’ll never be good enough, I have to keep working’ ‘I’m disgusting, I have to change,’ none of that sounds like they are all that happy, or fulfilled with their life choices. 

textpostawashinthedickocean replied to your post“I really hope there isn’t 50+ people on my blog right now hoping for…”
They come because your body seems to be rather desirable, and wish to look as good as you?
I don’t want that though. I really don’t. I see fucking pro-ana people follow me, and like my photos, and shit and it’s… heartbreaking dude. I don’t want to be someones ‘thinspo’ or even fucking ‘fitspo’ since most of the blogs tell you to starve and work out and tote the thin body as the best body. That ‘hard work’ will get you this thin body and if you don’t have it you’re not working hard enough, but that’s not always the case.  I don’t want my body to be used as a weapon against someone elses. 
madame-scary-von-spooky-britches replied to your post“I really hope there isn’t 50+ people on my blog right now hoping for…”
i started out checking out the cute comic, then I went all through your art tag…so hopefully thats what everyone else was doing
Ah okay, I hope so ~

I really hope there isn’t 50+ people on my blog right now hoping for dieting/work out tips… like there’s a whole billion dollar industry trying to shove this down your throat, why come to my blog? When have I spoke about eating ‘healthy’ or exercise…? Just because you mimic someones work out and diet does not mean you will get the same results, that has never been the case. 

Anonymous said:
Hey there, Ten! I wanted to ask if you like, did 100000 squats a day or some secret satanic ritual to keep your body in such nice shape.

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When #IfTheyGunnedMeDown Happens in Print: 

Section from the Rolling Stone profile of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of two brothers who committed the Boston Marathon bombings vs section from the New York Times profile of Michael Brown, who was shot and killed by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson. 

H/T to @daviddtss 



No, just white people

I’ll say it again. FUCK WHITE PEOPLE!

fuck this bullshit. fuck whiteness. and fuck white people. 


Hi. My name is Caitlyn. Three weeks ago, I was raped. While it’s hardfor me to think about and explain what happened, I feel the need to reach out and help people who are or have been in similar situations. Call it therapy. It wasn’t black and white. It was shades of gray, shadowed with doubt,…



Here is a side by side comparison of how The New York Times has profiled Michael Brown — an 18 year old black boy gunned down by police — and how they profiled Ted Bundy, one of the most prolific serial killers of all time. 

Source for Brown, Source for Bundy.

Character assassination much. 


Remember when the police said this man shot himself while handcuffed in the back of their police car?

Turns out they were lying