dwmphotos is making me cookies right now cause he’s a good person

Anonymous said:
Hello Miss Ten, I messaged you on May 22/23 after I was in a car wreck that broke my sister's arm really badly and blamed myself for it because it was my graduation that we were leaving. Your response helped a lot, so I wanted to thank you. It turns out that I got really bad whiplash in the accident and can't do my exercise training until I get a DR's clearance... So not everything got better, but you really did help. Thank you so much Miss Ten <3

Of course babes!! I’m sorry rehabilitation is taking a while though <3333 car wrecks are a mess <3 but I’m glad overall everything is a lot better then it was 

Anonymous said:
What do you like in a guy/girl? Like what things make you attracted to them?

very tall with a high pain threshold and an anxious puppy dog like need to be of useful and loved by me 

Anonymous said:
How do you keep your skin looking flawless as fuck if you sleep maybe 2 hours a year dude

I shed my weekly skin in a damp dark area rather then in the sun where most humans do it, I think it helps, I don’t dry out as much. 

Anonymous said:
What is your stance on topping from the bottom? Bossy and bratty boy subs make me very annoyed. It seems that even submissive men aren't really submissive and have an impulse to control. At least I haven't met a non bratty sub yet. Ugh.

I don’t bother with sub topping, especially with customers, it’s pointless, they basically just want a latex clad puppet to be as obsessed with their cock as they are and.. no. And in relationships I’ve only had a few guys who confused what a domme was, most guys were happy to please 

Anonymous said:
are you a herbivore, carnivore, both or undefined?

omnivore, but if I could actively suck out the souls of the innocent through their eyes and live that way I would do it. 

Anonymous said:
what are you drinking a lot these days?

Same thing I drink every night pinky, 

btw that’s a case, I drink cases of green tea a day ~ 

Anonymous said:
I hope you remember me, I'm the anon with cancer that was so scared a few months ago. Just thought I'd let you know that I am doing better lately. The chemo is working bit by bit. I lost almost all of my hair, but that's okay. I hope this finds you in good health. Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts as I struggle with this. Being back in Italy with my family helps and I feel strength to fight every day with my loved ones around me. I can't say it enough. Thank you so much for the support!

Of course anon!! <33 and yeah totally, bald is beautiful <3 I’m glad your body is responding to the chemo and that you are with family <3 I want the best for you babes!! <33333 


Anonymous said:
what race(s) are you?

The ones that hate being asked this question all the time 

Anonymous said:
Being a Dom 101: the sub is in control of what happens because they're the ones that things happen to. Stay tuned for more shit that any half rate dom knows.

Yes and no, this is a really flattened idea of D/s. The sub isn’t always ‘passive’ and the dom/me isn’t always ‘active’ and there are a ton of different dynamics and that is why it’s very important to always be in relationships, D/s or otherwise, with people who are stable and have your best interests at heart. 

Anonymous said:
(Different anon) My husband is an artist and every so often he does a picture for me of my own request... He does a lot of hentai and if I asked him to turn you into a scary (but sexy cuz we all know you are both) demoness/succubus would you be ok with that?

In this context? I mean, I LOVE all fan art, I do, it seriously just makes my week when I get fan art, but when I mean demon or something I don’t mean pretty, or sensual. When I draw myself I make my teeth dark, I crack my lips, I make myself bloody, look tired, grease out my skin, my job is to be pretty and sexy, but when it comes to art? Fuck I love… I love drawing monsters and sickness and anger 

and like I said I know it’s hard to do because my selfies and shit portray me in a very controlled way, so I get it’s hard, and I understand that, but for me, I just, in terms of the demon thing I’d rather be drawn in like the host from tales from the crypt then Elvira 

Anonymous said:
you probably get this all the time, but you would make the best Alana if they ever make Saga into a series or film

I do get this a lot, but never enough times in a day ~

Anonymous said:
Lots of people draw portraits of you, but is there something you've always wanted to see drawn and never have?

Of me? uhhh…. I would like a portrait of me as like a really intense looking demon, or cyborg thing, something intimidating, which I know is hard to do ~ so I usually draw those myself XD 


a reality check that’s a blow to the solar plexis

SEE ALSO: why i’m crumbling under the weight of prolonged loneliness for fear of letting anyone in again & repeating this


Anonymous said:
I'm sorry to come to you ranting but that post sent me through the roof. Why do fucking men assume that all women need their drinks paid for? When i go into a bar, i have guys offering to buy me a drink before i can even open my mouth. Never once have i asked to be bought one. I always have my own money, i've never had a guy pay for anything. My mother told me once you let a man pay for you, he always holds it over your head. Sure as shit, i always see men bitching about buying drinks. Bullshit.

Dude honestly, so the fuck what if a dude buys me shit, dude better buy me shit. I’m amazing and he understands he’s lucky and buys me shit.  I don’t owe anyone anything, spending money on me is basically saying ‘You’re awesome and here’s some material things and food because you are a goddess and here are my offerings, thank you for talking to me.’ 

If they hold it over your head, they are the type of dude to hold everything over your head. ‘I did the dishes, sooo gonna blow me?’ ‘I didn’t fuck that girl I could have fucked, soooo gonna blow me?’ ‘I’m half assing treating you like a human being and pretending to respect you as a person…. soooo gonna blow me?’ These men are weak, delusional, and a waste of time.