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Anonymous said:
I like being a tease, and I know it's not a good thing cuz I'm leading a guy on. Plus I hear people hate teases. Any suggestions?

Who told you these lies? I’ve basically made a career out of being a cock tease. My job is literally to look at men, looking hella sexy fine, and laugh in their faces when they try and talk to me or flirt with me. Lead men on all you want, lead them on to financial ruin, lead them to their eventual downfall, crack and destroy egos, fuck it. Grown ass men can click out when they want. As long as you’re putting a pair of tits in their face and not a gun, they have the freedom to choose, they are not helpless. 

People who ‘hate teases’ are people already feel owed and entitled to your body. Which is bullshit. 

You can flaunt and tease all you want, you don’t owe anyone shit. Companies do it all the time, they showcase and give samples of their products, thousands of people and dollars to think of the best way to tease the public into wanting something, but if you steal it, everyone knows, thats wrong, you didn’t buy it, or own it, you shouldn’t take it just because it looks nice in the display. 

But I forget that people respect the rights of property and consumer goods more than they do women. 

$100 for five minutes of me dancing in a thong and a bra while a weird british guy jacks off and tries to make polite conversation after hitting his dick a bunch. 

the type of boyfriends you guys got terrify me, like you guys say ‘he’s still a good guy though,’ ‘he has a good heart,’ ‘He’s the kindest person I’ve ever met,’ 

after giving me a laundry list of abuse, predatory behavior, sexual assault, and cruelty. 

Treat yourself right, just because he’s ‘the sweetest guy’ you’ve ever met doesn’t stop other men from being sweeter. It seems like anyone short of an axe murderer is suddenly a top pick because women are so use to abuse we don’t understand when someone is being nice, versus ‘well, he’s not hitting me now,’ 

If you say no, cry, push him, look uncomfortable, freeze up, and he keeps going without checking in or giving a shit, he’s a rapist. 

If he is hits you, calls you names, keeps you from your friends, constantly insults everything you are and like, constantly checks your phone and doesn’t allow any kind of privacy, he’s abusive. 

These are not ‘Nice guys’ these are not ‘sweet, kind’ guys, These people are rapists, abusers, and they are using you and don’t give two shits about you. They enjoy hurting you. They enjoy making you feel like shit so that you won’t leave them, because with you they are powerless, you are the only thing that makes them feel empowered, because you hold all the chips in this. Without you they are nothing. I know its hard to leave an abusive situation, I know you’re risking everything, but don’t delude yourself into thinking… you deserve this, that this is normal, this is okay, because it’s not and you don’t.  And no amount of sweet smiles, or flowers, should be able to make up raping you, abusing you, hitting you, whatever.  

Just please fucking be safe 

… and that’s shade.


[Image Description: @ imransiddiquee tweeted:

Men who feel outcast by “Alpha Male” culture often end up replicating the same limiting, awful hierarchy in new places. # GamerGate.

These men gravitate towards subcultures after being left cold by the dominant macho one, yet rather than reject hyper-masculinity, they mirror it. 

Yet it’s actually the same hatred of women - fear of the ‘feminine’ - at the root o the macho culture that rejected them too. # GamerGate

If you’re genuinely looking for spaces where you can escape the dominant, oppressive, expectations of masculinity - look into feminism.]



Wish I would’ve gotten to this sooner since it’s late to be posting, but I really love this particular message and the discussion around “being a man” and how it relates to the treatment of women as well as gay men (or anyone else perceived as “less” / equivocated with being undesirably weak)


claudia X revolutionaries of mexico

claudia, a single mother of emiliano (the baby in the belly named after emiliano zapata, the famous mexican revolutionary), is a political organizer, badass mother and a worker working for the revolution of our people.

our collaboration is a tribute to the fallen revolutionaries of and the resistance in mexico <3





Marriage equality is cool and all, but uh…

Trickle down equality, yo!


Ferguson vs Pumpkin fest
The media’s treatment of these two events were shameful!

Anonymous said:
I cant tell if I'm asexual or if i just hate the vast majority of men. Im actually kinda scared to leave my house everyday

if you can piece together ‘the perfect man’ and would fuck him then you are not asexual, if you can piece together ‘the perfect man’ and his perfection includes not fucking then you are asexual. 

And I know the feeling dude, 99% of the time I don’t go out without a guy friend, because that 1% of the time I do go out alone I get hella harassed, and I legit look like the ghost from christmases to come 


And even when I leave the house alone, I’ll get text messages from my roommate to make sure I’m okay because he worries more than I do since he’s more aware of the guys following me around when he’s like a few feet away and we don’t seem like we’re together. 

Men are terrifying and you are perfectly validated in your fear and owe men nothing.

You are not obligated to love abusive people, 

that includes your parents and any other family members or authority figures. Don’t assume that if you are calm and rational they will be. 

They never are. You don’t have to be around those people if you don’t want to be. 

Anonymous said:
Fullten, I'd like your advice. I'm not going to eat for a while cause I want to be skinny again cause according to my parents, I'm not skinny like I used to be. I have an hourglass figure but everyone else still says I'm skinny but I feel guilty for putting on weight. So those two assholes are screaming and cursing at me to eat so I lied and said I did. They call me 'chunky', 'fatty', joking or not, I take it seriously. So I'll die trying, joke is on those pieces of sh*t. Its my body, my rules.

Yes, you do have the option of starving yourself if you want too, but in all honestly, your parents are shit and shouldn’t shame you for your body and you shouldn’t hurt yourself in some round about way to get back at them. I know it sucks, I know it sucks to deal with, but parents -

  • can be total shit. 
  • completely useless 
  • take out their insecurities on you because they know you have your whole life ahead of you and they are basically cesspool scum and will stay that way till they die 
  • can be abusive and manipulating 
  • want you to feel terrible about yourself so they can feel better about themselves 
  • need to control you so they have *something* in their life that they have power over, since they are basically easily replaceable cogs everywhere else. 

Don’t feel guilty for gaining weight, and look at this objectively. There are two grown ass people in this house, picking on someone half their age like middle school bullies. 

That’s sad

and pathetic.

You deserve well adjusted, healthy minded, mature, and caring parents. You don’t have that. Realize that, and realize that at their age, they should have their fucking shit together. They should have their insecurities in check and not take it out on their children.  They should be telling you how beautiful, and amazing you are. They should be trying to get you to be at your best. They should be supportive and loving and never make fun of you. They should tell you how much you mean to them. You deserve that, you deserve to be healthy. 

Eat something.