If you have a problem with my language, excessive cursing, making fun of dudes with tiny dicks, whatever, and message me, I’m just going to block you. So you don’t have to deal with it, and I don’t have to deal with you ~ 



It’s 8 am, and what am I doing? I’m being a sexy bear. 


Anonymous said:
Did you ever dominate a sub on phone or cam who was not a good english speaker ?

yup, all the time, one guy was insanely bad at speaking english, super insanely heavy accent, and had the most shit connection so I had him make fart noises with his mouth, one for yes and two for no. 

It was hilarious. 

Not a very good session though since communication is important and he was a little bitch when it came to cbt ~ 

Cam is easier because I can read gestures and facial expressions 

Anonymous said:
I've always wondered, do you know any male PSO? I have this preconceived notion that they aren't as popular as female PSO. Am I incorrect in thinking so? I love that you're really open with your work because it's a valuable source of information that really isn't covered well in my Psyc and Sociology sexuality classes.

I know a few, but they pretend to be women and they do pretty well because they approach sex the way an uneducated man would approach being a woman having sex, basically, BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS ASS PUSSY BUTT and giant cocks just flying everywhere. As for the male side, from what I’ve seen its a bunch of jock dudes making fun of guys who like sucking dick. 

So like high school. 

but the cock sucking dudes are paying by the minute for it this time to be made fun of.

Anonymous said:
Hello Ten. Do you "play" chastity with your subs ? If yes, how do you interact with them, how it work ?

I don’t answer these questions unless you are a potental customer 

Seriously, I couldn’t make this any easier unless I shoved my hand up your ass like I’m god damn Jim Henson.

Also, since a lot of people tend to forget ~ 


Anonymous said:
Do you ever wear the wigs in your gifs/pics while out? Or you have a separate set of wigs for that? And do they require a lot of care?

I only wear wigs for work 

Anonymous said:
Hi! I've been a pso for about 6 months now, it's definitely weird at times, but I'm really liking it (working from home, yaaaaay). I'm wondering, what's your ignore line like? Do you get alot of calls on it? I'm thinking of adding one, but it just seems really awkward for less money. Unless you can just walk away from the phone, but that doesn't seem right either. Thank you for any advice! =D

I put on my ignore line because I had several callers when I first started who would just *breathe* on the phone for like 5 minutes and then hang up. My ignore line doesn’t get that much business and I still ignore people on my domme line as well. I just tend to walk away from my phone if I’m in the middle of something, or they can hear me play plants vs zombies and type with my friends. 


more gifs for my listings ~ 


10 am on a thursday… 

Having a nice day today. 

Can’t complain ~ 

Anonymous said:
Where do you order your wigs from? (Sorry this has probably been asked a bunch >.<)

amazon mostly ~ X&Y angel is very good 

most of my wigs were bought off of my wishlist, check under  ’purchased’ 

Anonymous said:
So you believe in pretty privilege?

I feel like this is suppose to be going somewhere, and if so just cut to the chase 


Tell me what you’re thinking. My lines are on!

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Anonymous said:
Do you believe in thin privilege?

Yups of course ~ 

Anonymous said:
So how do you think people naturally are? Have you ever met anybody who didn't fit into the cowardly/lazy category?

I said majority, and that the people who aren’t are few and far between, which they are.